Hello there, I am Jill Peer, Can I be of assistance?

   I am a Reflexologist, Nutritional Kinesiologist

    and Indian Head Massage Therapist.


I am a fully insured / up to date, qualified member

of the British Complementary Medicine Association,

the Association of Physical and Natural Practitioners,

 and an honorary member of

the General Natural Practitioners Guild.



Come and see my lovely garden in Malvern


Contact me as I aim to  help you,

Look at my Testimonial  Page

to see what I have done in the past.

One of my clients has even volunteered

to speak to you in person.

Natural Health Alternative treatments

can be extremely helpful, as you must know

as you have found my site.

Most people have heard of the treatments

I offer and of

how helpful they may be to

individual health in these difficult times. 

 Contact me to find out more.

 Ask about discounts!


If you like hats see the Topnots page.

I am also a designer

(Look out for my video on Topnots) 

I can provide delightful Face Painting.


In a  strange way Facepainting can be relaxing

especially for children.

Its also uplifting to arouse the imagination.



I just thought you might like

to see my lovely garden patio.  Come and join me

by my candlit fireside one evening.  


Treatments are delicious at Jill's house. 


 see more photos on JillPeer Facebook  


   I'm a holistic , alternative practitioner, 

   and have been since 1994,  



        see My Testimonial page on this site.         

Please also take a look at my page of

Forthcoming EVENTS



My  home practice space

in Pickersleigh Rd. Malvern

 overlooks the Beautiful  Malvern Hills,  

so do come here for relaxing treatments


Indulge in the colours of the hills

 Here I make gorgeous hats and offer tantalising treatments


Re-charge, relax, be positive and feel uplifted ....

where as soon as you arrive,

the stresses of everyday life fall away. 




Please ring  07754950939

or email me on  jillpeer@gmail.com



 I run  'self help courses'


sessions and workshops

 and  I can organise a training

or  self help course / workshop

for you or your group.



 some of these are run at my lovely home in Malvern.

so do contact me for details.



    I specialise in Natural Health

     courses and workshops

at South Worcester College Malvern.

 next classes at the College:-

'Hand Reflexology for Pain Relief'

            Saturday 8th November 2014 


I also run a workshop on

Public Speaking for the Terrified

Please ring Gracie on 01684 565351 ex.554

if you want to join the next session.  

Please say you found it on this website.




Introductory  Hand Reflexology



Indian Head massage

 next term 

Please call Grace to enrol or ask questions



 call me on


for further details of these workshops. 


 You should learn to relieve your own pain with

Hand Reflexology and other

safe helpful holistic methods.

There are no side effects,

its easy and fun.

My workshops are

the best value in town!



 I can of course also  offer treatments

one to one:

Do you need:- 

   Indian Head Massage, 

 Reflexology of hands or feet, 



   Nutritional  Kinesiology 

     Allergy  Therapy

which can assist 


Try it! 


I use  my own bespoke shamanic  fans, which, I find, enhances the strength and style of my work. 

come and experience the

relaxing, relief of my work. 


I even offer 'PAY IF YOU FEEL THE GOODNESS' terms.


when you book.


 These fans can be purchased and

    training to use them is both

    available and simple to do.




   can also  assist   your  complaint. 

  See my 'Testimonial Page' on this website..

 There are many interesting stories about my work

         with people. SO please read on.       




   Treatments cost £30 per hour.


Most treatments just take an hour.

 But I do offer discounts


   Allergy testing  takes 2 hours, so 2 hours = £60.

this is very reasonable for a full allergy test,


(with no pin pricks or plasters)

 and which can involve 50 - 100 items.



For blocks of multiple treatments, 

paid for in advance,

   there's a discount

on normal prices,

   ( and these can sometimes be booked

      for a whole family to share).  

      Please contact me  



or  phone : 07754950939



  If you want to know about the more spiritual aspects

of my work contact me now.

I use Runes and my own personally designed Fairy Cards


if not please move on


NOW ! 

to further pages on the website.




     Readings are pleasant, supportive and fun.

     I am fully insured to do this work

and they are

   a delightfully entertaining part of my

work for you. 



I mingle the Runes with my fairy cards

to make a really interesting and diverse reading. 

  ring  07754950939 


Here are a few links to other web pages ;-




GoToSee: The Health & Therapy Guide


       I hope you like my website,


      its nice to get some feedback.

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